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    Jay Schulman
    a blockchain guy.

    I'm a Principal at RSM US LLP and lead our Blockchain and Digital Assets Practice across Audit, Tax and Consulting.
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All Things Blockchain… I help solve problems like:

☑️ How do I track food on a blockchain? (i.e. IBM’s Food Trust platform)
☑️ How to audit a company holding cryptocurrencies like bitcoin
☑️ Understanding the regulatory environment around digital assets (i.e. SEC, CFTC, and BSA/AML)
☑️ How to help ensure my crypto is secure (wallet security, hot/cold storage)
☑️ Do I have to pay taxes on this stuff? (yes, the IRS says it’s property, like a house)

20 years of consulting experience in information security, strategy and recently blockchain.

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You can contact me via one of the following options.

Phone: 312-442-0499

Email : info@jayschulman.com