Jay Schulman

Principal @ RSM / Author / Mentor / Security Professional

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About Jay

Hi, I'm Jay Schulman.

I'm an information security consultant living in Chicago. I like to talk. But when no one's listening, I write.

Useless Things You Should Know About Me:

- I've never lived outside the state of Illinois.
- But I've traveled to 48 out of 50 states. (Montana and Hawaii are on the bucket list.)
- I fly so much on Southwest Airlines that my wife can fly free with me wherever I go.
- Unfortunately I haven't reached the point where my two kids can also fly free.
- In 1999, the FBI said they didn't need someone with my skills.
- Also in 1999, Playboy said they needed my skills. Security skills, that is.
- I turned them down to work for KPMG.
- It worked out ok. 10 years employment. They found me my wife. And how to be a great manager.
- And great examples of how not to manage people

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